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As a fellow Filipino, I could easily state that our country tried to step up for its progress. True to itself, some netizens didn't felt the country's progress. PNoy promised us that he will finished all his contributions before he will step down the position. Promise are meant to be broken so let just say that there's a 50:50 chance he can finished all his works. I'm just felt sad for all those people who can't reach the justice they waited for days or months (especially for those Mamasapano victims). Government take little action for this. The benefits they gave is not enough. But then, we must always remember that its not easy to have this kind of work.

Inorder to reach the dream we've waited for decades, unity is the key of these complicated problems.

United we stand, divided we fall. If we did take little actions of these, there's a few possibility we can take on the light. Wake up people! It's not the time for relaxation. Don't ever blame these typical problems to our president. Because according to what he'd said, "Kayo ang boss ko!"

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pede tagalog?
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