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It is used to measure the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are classed as acidic and solutions with a pH more than 7 are classed as basic. :)
PH affects processes in the body and in the environment, as well as in some products you often use. pH and the Human body, acids and bases perform specific furictions to balance the pH levels in the body. Human life is sustained only if rhe pH of our blood and body tissues is within a small range near 7.4 Use of pH in Food processing and Fruit Preservation. During FP, pH is closely followed. Changes in pH affect the growth of microorganisms, whice cause food spoilage. Most bacteria grow best at or near pH 7. Pickling is an effective food preservation method because it lowers pH. Control of pH in Soil. The pH of soil is very important. Some plants grow well in acidic soil while others prefer basic soil. The pH also affects how much nutrients from the soil become available to plants. Most plants in the phil. grow in acidic soils like banana, durian, pineappple, soybean, coffee, eggplant etc. lol its so many my hands are tired