The two slits near the edges of the bond paper should be both 11-cm from the center slit. 7. Put the two striped strips of paper together so that the “Start” labels touch one another. 8. Insert the strips up through the center slit, then pull them toward the side slits. 9. Insert the ends of the strips into the side slits. Pull the ends of the strips as shown in the figure below and watch what happens at the center slit. 10. Practice pulling the strips through the slits until you can make the stripes come up and go down at the same time. Q22. What do the stripes in the paper represent? Q23. What does the middle slit represent? What occurs in this region? Q24. What is the role of the mid–ocean ridge in the movement of lithospheric plates? Q25. How does the new seafloor form at the mid-ocean ridge? Q26. What process/es happen at the side slits? Q27. Is the earth getting larger and wider when plates drift away from each other? Explain briefly.



Q22. the rocks represents the rock with or in same or reverse plariities
the spreading of the sea floor occurs in it
Q24. it serces as the origin of lithospheric movement
Q25. a hot , less dense material will rises towards yhe mid oceanic ridge.. then as this materia flows sideways, it creats a crack in the crust where the magma will flow out it will cool down and solidify which is the new sea floor
Q26. subduction process
Q27. nothing wilk happen to the size of the earth .. there is just a destruction of an old seafloor because of the production of a new seafloor in the mid oceanic ridge