☺ The Truly Great by, Stephen Spender
1. What distinct Quality of those who are great does the persona mention in the first stanza of truly great of stephen spender?
2. Based on the Second stanza, what should not be forgotten?
3. What is the legacy of those who are Great?
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1. Based on the poem entitled "The Truly Great by Stephen Spender", the distinct quality of those who are great is having great ambitions and since the very beginning until the time he/she was born. It is him who never stops dreaming and believing that is truly great.
2. The second stanza of the poem suggests that nobody should forget anything or everything and everybody who is precious. 
3. The legacy of those who are great based on the poem is their acts of greatness, the memory of which they were being remembered and their names remain in the hearts of the people who look up to them and believe them.
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