Learning foreign languages are important now adays because most of the teenagers especially the Filipino Teenagers would like to visit the neighboring countries to see there number one idol. I guess teenagers now when you ask about the KPOP, i guess majority wins that there are more teenagers that like KPOP songs than the OPM song. Young students also now,would want to go to America because of the High-technology there and the way they treat the teenagers especially the 18 years old and above, that they have to learn to be independent and learn to live by themselves.

you don't really need to exert too much effort in learning foreign languages and especially the English tongue. It is so easy now because almost,i mean not almost but all of the schools right now are teaching English Language to the students. And actually I find it hard too, to learn the foreign languages but i also learned something that you need to love that language first and show willingness to it for it to be easier.