1. a certain book has 500 pages numbered 1,2,3 and so on. how many times does the digit 1 appear in the page numbers? 2. soppose S is the sum of the odd numbers erom 1 through 49 inclusive and E is the sum of the even numbers from 2 through 48 inclusive. Which is greater, S or E? How much greater? 3. I have exactly ten coins whose total value is one peso. If three of the coins are twenty-five centavocoins,what are the remaining coins and how many of each are there? 4. In the addition statement below,each letter represents below, each letter represents a different digit. What are values of H,E,and A? HE+HE+HE=AH 5.The product of two whole numbers is 364. If the difference of the numbers is 15, what is their sum? 6. In a book store, pencils and 2 pens cost different amounts. Two pencils and 3 pens cost php 50.the total cost of 3 pencils and 2 pens is php 45.what is the cost of 1 pencils



1. the digit 1 will appear 200 times in all the page numbers starting from 1-500.

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