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1. What is the product of 0.3345 and the sum 7.91 and 19.07?
2. What is the difference of 40.6609 and 19.458when added by 6.37?
3. 54.678 multiplied by 4.999.
4. What is the sum of 99.87 and the quotient of 49.63 and 7?
5. When 9.008 is added by 6.78 and subtracted by 78.906, what will be the answer?
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I'll give terms lol

1. It is the amount left over after dividing a number.
2. What is one out of 100 parts of a whole?
3. It is the point used to separate ones and tenths in decimals.
4. A number used to name a part of the group or part of a whole.
5. A number that has a whole number part and a fraction part and contains a decimal point.


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