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For the first stanza of the song entitled "Common Ground" the singer expressed that it is very hard to lose a battle especially if all you want is to prove something to everyone. The second stanza tells us never to underestimate any challenge because there is no such thing as easy. You need to learn a lot of things because nothing comes easy.The third stanza talks about how those people who don't know you will lie in front of you and tell you anything that you want to hear yet those people who know you better are going to tell you the truth even if it hurts. The fourth stanza is about how difficult life is and that the only thing to know is to continue learning or else you're gonna be gone. The fifth stanza tells us about everybody is gonna get bored and everybody is going to be forgotten by every one but it's good to have one common ground. The sixth stanza is a repetition of the fifth stanza.
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