You may start from where place did the character from, and the conflict you may add, and the situation, and the character also...

A short story must include the following:
The beggining- The beggining is the start of a story which you need charcters like the  hero or what we call as the  bida. Also must includes the enemy or what we call as the contrabida. It is a start of a story which flows normally.

The conflict- Or what we call as tunggalian. The flowing of the story flows a bit fast. That is where the interesting part will almost begin.

The climax- This is the part where the interesting part begins. It flows so fast that it is so interesting to read.

The kakalasan- (sorry i don't know how to translate) This is where the flow gets even more slower.

The ending- This is where the problm is solved.It can end as happy or sad

Hope this helps you a lot^_^

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