An engineer function as a designer by way of making up or creating new designs in different fields, something that is out of the ordinary and something that attracts the attention of people, he/she does not copy anyone else's work but rather makes it a point to always come up with a design that reflects hi/her personality. An engineer functions as a superior because he/she does not wait for people to tell him what to do. He/she knows what he wants and acts immediately on it to come up with what he has in mind. An engineer can also function as a constructor because he builds, creates and manufacture new things that answer the people's needs. An engineer functions as an operator by manipulating the things he/she has created and showing people how it should be operated to achieve the desired results. An engineer can function as an investigator by continuously finding new ways and means to lessen the burden of people thru the various inventions they make. And lastly, an engineer function as an adviser by telling people how life can be made easier by means of science and technology and the various fields of specialization that engineers take up.