Just put or hang some planes/stars or anything on the sill then use some tables for the certain subject. Youcan putsome 3d images, projectors
ummm. Our topic is the civilization of mesopotamia. How can I make an exhibit? please... i need your help.
paste some words like where mesopotamia came from on the walls, then try drawing (it would look nice if u did it) the map. then on the walls/silling put some constellations. do some visual presentation! and try cosplay, the gods of mesopotamia. then on tables put some pictures about mesopotamia. try researching too, if you are interested with the subject then making the exhibit would be easy.
wow! thank you!
welcome! :)
You need a theme first. Kung history man yan ng Pilipinas, you should put pictures, look for stories about Philippines and perform a shadow puppet presentation, then syempre may mag eexplain.
how about Kabihasnan ng Egypt. Im going to report about the Great Pyramid of Giza then all about Egypt's kabihasnan. What gimik am i supposed to do?