Problem: Mr. Corpuz would like to increase his production of milkfish due to its high demand in the market. He is thinking of a larger fishpond in his 8000 sqm. lot near a river. Help Mr. Corpuz by making a sketch plan of the fishpond to be made. Out of the given situation and the sketch plan made, formulate as many quadratic equations and solve by factoring.




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1)          x(x-20) = 8,000
 x² -20x -8,000 = 0
    (x-100)(x+80) = 0
    x=100  ;  x=-80                  Dimensions of lot: 100m x 80m

2)         y(y-295) = 8, 000
 y² -295y -8,000 = 0
     (y+25)(y-320) = 0
   y=-25  ;  y=320                  Dimensions: 320m x 25m

3)        a(a+110) = 8,000
a² +110a -8,000 = 0
     (a+160)(a-50) = 0
   a=-160  ;  a=50                    Dimensions: 50m x 160m

[NOTE: There are a lot more possible quadratic equations for this. 
           Those are some possible dimensions for the pond, all have an area of 8,000m²]

See attached for SAMPLE sketch. Please excuse the drawing, I'm not an artist. ;)

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