Who was the first President in the Philippines 
Why did Jose Rizal write a book?
When was Rizal killed
*Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines
*Dr. Jose Rizal is our national herp
*Lapu-lapu isn't the one who killed Magellan, it's one of his 'tao', soya lang narecognize na pumatay dahil siya ang namumuni that time.
*Emilio Aguinaldo is the first President of the Philippines
*Most people in the Philippines are catholics
*Our country is a democratic country
*our country experienced martial law way back sa pamumuno ni Marcos
*Eagle is the out National Bird
*Instead of Tinikling, our current National dance is Carinosa
*Tinalo pa ng Pilipinas ang ibang bansa sa salitang Ingles.