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Yes they should be respected for I believe that they are also human like us they also have rights they chose who they want to be it's only a matter of changing your gender but not of who you are
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I say that answer in negative form!!!!
you should be thankful enough someone had answered your question. umayos ka.
No. because god create only man and woman in this world.
(Honest opinion: I respect LGBT community)

No, we should not respect the LGBT community firstly because it's a sin. Man and woman are the only one compatible with each other, not man to man nor a woman to a woman and it's so so so wrong. Besides, how could them have a family, if that's the case then?
Yes, they can legally adopt a child but you're not even blood-related with each other, what if the child suddenly had an accident and needed blood badly, how would you resolve with this, you're not even blood-related with each other. And what if the child finds his/her real parents or what if the child would be curious on why his/her parents have the same sex?
How would you react with this and how 'bout the society? We all know for the fact that our society now is full of judgmental people. What about your child going to school and his/her classmates knowing the fact that his/her parents are both dads or both moms? Your child would be bullied in school, and as a parent you don't want that to happen.
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