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You should listen to your teacher
Ask if you are confused with something
Study and understand the lesson
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They say Math is hard, but not really. Math is easy, you just need to understand the problem. In order for you to get high grades in Math, persevere and put a lot of effort in it. Always study and help yourself understand the lesson. You know you just need to understand the lesson and always listen to your teacher in Math. Not because there are so many fractions, letters and exponents in the problem, you'll gonna give up right away. Math is something we should value on, well for me. I love Math and I don't know why you guys hate my favorite subject. Probably you guys just find it difficult to understand but if you guys will gonna put an effort in studying and understanding the lesson, you wouldn't. Just try and try, answer worksheets and exercises, practice yourself to master the lesson, scan your notes, use your common sense and always listen on what the teacher is saying in front so that you would get high grades in Math. 


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