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An idiomatic expression is a word used that has a deeper meaning than the one in the dictionary or in the glossary.


All sizzle and no steak
   A thing/person which fails or you're disappointed with.

Beats me
   You cannot understand something.

Bite off more than you can chew
   Try to do more than you are able to do.

Burst one's bubble
   To destroy someone's sense of well-being.

Butter somebody up
   To flatter someone

Couch potato
   A person who has a great deal of time watching television.

Skeleton's in the closet
   To reveal secret information carelessly.

Spill the beans
  Tell the secret.

Under the weather
   Being unusual because you're sick.

Walking on eggshells
   To try very hard not to upset someone.

Down on the dump
   Being sad or unhappy

Knock yourself off
   To amaze someone

Pulling leg
   Joking or to tease someone.

Knock off the socks
   To impress

Load of baloney
   A nonsense

Monkey business
   A deceitful behavior or being mischievous


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