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            The Centipede is a short story written  by Rony V. Diaz and is considered as one of the best short stories in the Philippines. The main characters were Delia and Eddie. The story happened at the hut his sister Delia's playhouse, Eddie and Delia's house and at the last part of the story, it happened in the woodshed where Berto is splitting up the woods. The story is about Eddie as a little kid who often gets picked on by his sister.
Here are the Characters in the story The Centipede by Rony V. Diaz:

Eddie- Main CharacterDelia -Eddie's SisterBiryuk -The Lost Dog that have been found by Eddie while huntingBerto- One of the workmen for the familyFather -Eddie and Delia's Dad

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can I just ask four questions? how did Eddie viewed his sister? how did Eddie viewed himself? how did Delia viewed Eddie? how did Delia viewed herself?