In my opinion..
We can play with the clouds.
We can touch the sky.
We can touch the stars, the moon.

Well there will be a lot of noise cause there is an airplane.
We can't fly kites anymore (I think?)
I think it will be real cold.

That's all I can say ^_^ hheheh
3 3 3

Disadvantages: 1:When airplane will be flying it will hit many people.2:The sun will be too near it will dry up the oceans.3:The sun will be too near it will be too hot and it will burn our skin.4:You cannot use transportation vehicles in the land,the water,the sky at the same time because the sky is to low.

Advantages:1:You ca travel the nearest planet 2:you will not use the electricity because you will use the stars as lights.3:You can see the heavenly planets 4:You ca touch the clouds. 

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