In Ancient Greece there are Athenians and Spartans.
Spartans raise their children to fight for their lives and both men and women. They teach the basic and physical attributes needed for one to to survive. The focus on physical strength and Spartan women were honored for child bearing as for they would be the future heroes who fight for their city. They are known to Greece as people who manifest in strength and as the motto goes "Strength is might". While the Athenians, they go on for the softer spot. Athenians believe that Athenian women need to be relaxed and calm so that their future heros would be able to fight with clarity in mind. That is why Athenian women do households and cook food instead for the family. 

Modern Greece? .. I- i..
they grow crops and have a big personality. But lately they have been facing economical problems and have increasing debts to the extent of borrowing funds from the Philippines. ow..