Our modern day society is polluted, corrupted and crawling with poverty, but truly within is beauty. Like a music in a box, it plays a sweet melody from beginning to the end. Though as it ends, it ends and when it begins, it begins. Although in a lackluster voice it says "we are united, we fight as one and we in salvation, fight in the face of danger". We are but wimps, but wimps are we to say what a country we live in, for it's radiant glow is clasped in it's hands. We are but a treacherous glory to our nobles, our people too shall. But before it comes, we are but in sewers with only the shine of the sun to give light in our path. Our soldiers grew evil as age passes by, savaged by the hands of men, we grow weaker and weaker. But our people learn from one another and in return, we grow stronger and stronger from it. Our society may be crippled for it us who have power to rule. 
gagi sht kapag sinabihan na 'di ito galing sa iyo, eedi wow