Ano ba ang iba't ibang changes in the environment paki english po yung sagot

the changes of the environment is there is sometimes a famine and God changes the environment people are worth or studying about it.. we must be polite in our environment to help it cjange.. always be good to our community or nation.. we must not throw garbage does make changes if environment..! yu must use you time wisely!!


`The changes of environment is there are sometimes as well as like the temperature,the quality and quantity of the earth and the green house effect.And also the constructing of a building that can harm in our environments.We must be wise and thinkful how to change it.Always be good to our nation,we musn't throw some garbages/trashes anywhere/everywhere.So that,it can be able to help us to change our environments.

That's all :) 
-Ryan Joseph :)