Guys, help me on how to get average like this:
John- 80
Mike- 67
Adrian- n ?

Please i just gave example pls tell the steps on how to get average!

ken eniwan rid dis sentens "Everi gud boy das veri mats fayn" If yu ken rid dis den yu wil bicam my frend if nat, den .............................. BETER LAK NEKS TAYM
lol really made that up


Iaadd mo lahat ng number tapos ididivide mo kung ilan sila

80+67= 147(divided by)2    


Patience lang po hahaha hope this helps... not sure tho :3
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ahhh omg LOL hahahaha sige goodluck nalang
anong bansa?
Saudi Arabia
wow hahaha goodluck a thousand times :)
heheh thanks