Noun is a name of a person,things and etc.

NOUN is a name of a person, animal, thing, place, or event. Can be described both common or proper noun.

For example:

Proper noun:                                                     Common noun:
Person- Mrs. Briones                                          Person- woman
Animal- Brownie                                                    Animal- dog
Thing- Roco                                                            Thing- pencil
Place- Batanges                                                    Place- province
Event- Christmas                                                   Event- party

a noun is a name of a person,place,thing,event or animal.... there are two kinds proper and common noun... a proper noun always starts with a big letter and a common noun always starts with a small letter... im not being rude im just asking how old are you??? cause arent you too old to ask this question i mean this lesson is for grades 1 or 2...