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Since before, there is no clarification or recorded of how King of Mactan Mr. Lapu Lapu died. .....Believe me Or not........I heard a rumors that there's a Datu who declared or claimed that he is Lapu Lapu, and His name was Datu Tagliyong and he Live in Maginda, Butuan, Philippines. They believe that DAtu Tagliyong had many names and many faces. He Died last 2010 ,I don't know what exact date, how he died and how old is he because they said that Datu Tagliyong was the oldest man they knew even the children of Datu Tagliyong did not know the age of his father. They said that Datu Tagliyong had a Power in Visayan " KINAADMAN" and he was legendary in their tribes that's why until now 20th century he live and he did not died the time he fought of all invaders.and as we all know from the history that Lapu Lapu was a immortal warrior and it did not record or state that how Lapu Lapu died and were the body of Lapu Lapu Burried that's why i believe that those rumors was true, Datu Tagliyong and Lapu Lapu is only one person.
Namatay si lapu lapu ng tinusuk siya ng espada ni magellan