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So basically, you just need to share your opinions, your ideas, facts, details and information in order for you to make an essay. Making essays is fun, to be honest, for me haha. So in making an essay, firstly you have a topic, right? Always bare in mind to have your main focus on the topic. Make sure that the opinions you're going to share are still related with the topic, don't drift it away, okay? And when making an essay, focus on the content or in filipino, yung laman ng essay because that's the main focus of the readers, right? I don't know but for me, a good essay is not just by using your brain or your mind only, rather,  you use your heart in making an essay, it should be filled with emotions and kasi kapag galing sa heart yung essay, it's sincere, it's genuine and you mean it unlike the brain, which just over-analyzing things, everything. So yeah, when you make an essay, make sure you mean it and dapat yung main focus ay laging nasa topic.


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