Thou Shalt Be Responsible, and Thou Shalt Be Active -For There Be NoOther Passage To Academic Success!Thou Shalt Know Where Thy "Hot Buttons" Are, and Thou Shalt PushThem Regularly!If Thou Hath Questions, Asketh Them. If Thou Hath No Questions,
Thous Shalt Learn That Thou and Thy Professor Maketh A Team- and
Thou Shalt Not Parketh Thy But In The Back! Thou Shalt Not Write Notes Thou Faileth To Understand!
Thou Shalt Know That Cram Is A Four Letter Word!
Thou Shalt KnowThat If Silence Be Golden--Recitation Shalt Be Platinum!
Thou Shalt Not Procrastinate--and Thou Shalt Beginneth Not Doing It Right Now!
If Thine Interest In Class Be Gone Faketh It                                                                                                                                                     *If you want with meaning, i have just say if you need... :)