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This is an opinionated question which will therefore result to an opinionated answer. I personally believe that self awareness may both cause positive and negative change over the traits of a person. If one is aware of the good traits he/she exhibits, then this will increase her confidence. Sometimes the confidence is too much for society to handle and thus causes her to be named "Proud". When one is aware of a bad action, then that person may either apologise and repent for the wrongdoing or ignore and move on with life. As another fellow human being, I do not like being confronted about any flaws because this may damage the person nevertheless. If the self awareness you speak of is about physical actions like hygiene, then yes, I believe this will help society. Either way, self awareness may only be a very small topic, but this can also lead to myriad affairs.
For me it helps you know your strengths ans makes you use them while it makes you aware of you weakness and helps to improve yourself to become a better person. ^_^v