Why do people use this site for other people to answer one's homework? This site is to ask questions, not answers.

Bakit ang mga tao na ginagamit ang website nito ay para lamang makakuha nila lang ang mga sagot sa takdang-aralin? Ang site na ito'y para makasagot ng iyong mga tanong, hindi siya makasagot ang mga takdang-aralin mo.
(sori nalang kapag mali ang grammar ko)



Hey Jamie ~ well it's a homework help site so you just ask a question and if you know the answer to that, you answer it ~
for clarifications, not to answer your legit hws
Ah gets. Idk with the people.
Tbh, I don't get this app too before, it make some students indolent pero somehow its good kasi you are not forced to answer naman, parang kumbaga recall nalang sa mga nalalaman mo, kaya it's a benefit as well for you as a person who answers and you are benefited as well in terms of sharing your knowledge to younger generations