Life is not unfair. Its not God who is the reason.
But it depends on yourself and other people
you and other people are the ones making your own life unfair. That reason is for example, you have done a mistake, your mother becomes mad at you and blames you for not focusing well on you studies then you call that "life is so unfair". It depends on how you do it. You are mostly the cause of fighting and crying and such bad causes. You should not blame others but yourself you know.


I guess that the reasons as to why life is unfair is because life itself wants to teach us that nothing is perfect and that we have to be stronger when it comes to life :). Think of it as a test that tries to teach you what you are capable of and that nothing can hold you back
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Diba nga, sabi sa cliche saying "Life is like a wheel" sometimes nasa taas ka and sometimes nasa baba ka. The wheel needs to keep moving forward, so as your life, hindi naman pwedeng sa taas ka nalang palagi diba? kundi your life would be stagnant. My point here is, in life unfairness, injustice or inequality is inevitable kasi hindi lahat ng tao ay pantay pantay, you should deal with it, it's a rotten world, you couldnt please everyone. HAHA , ikaw nalang po bahala pagtagpi tagpihin (problema ko ito, my thoughts are scattered) basta pagbutihin mo lang po sa ginagawa mo at be a good follower of Christ. PRAY.
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