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Brave is fearless,or bold
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thanz for you"re answer Regbalesteros
Brave,don't care anything ,don't have feaf
brave, courageous, and bold mean showing no fear. brave is used of a person who has or shows no fear when faced with danger or difficulty. <The brave crew tried to save the ship.> courageous is used of a person who is always prepared to meet danger or difficulty. <The early astronauts were courageous in facing the dangers of space travel.> bold is used of a person who welcomes dangerous situations. <The bold explorers went in search of adventure.>
Bravery is horrifying, when you think about it. Children are told to be brave. Why? Fake courage if they have it not. Why? To make them die better? To make them eager to fight? To make them...more afraid? If you just tell a child to be brave without telling them why, you've left every imaginable terror on the table.

This is a filthy, manipulative evil. The next time the Mack truck of reality is bearing down on you, BE BRAVE. Let me know how things pan out.