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Colors gives life in everything. Do you think looking at the stars, at the sky, at your mom's face will be happy if there is no color? No. Colors gives life in everything. Sa tagalog, nagbibigay buhay ito sa lahat ng bagay. 

It helps us in everyday life by helping us classify things according to it, for example, sabihin nating walang color yung dalawang apple, yung isa green, yung isa red, bawal ka sa green apple, pero nakain mo.

There are 6 colors in the BASIC COLOR WHEEL.
These are:
Yellow: It's color is like the gold, butter, or a lemon
Orange: It's color is like the sun.
Red: It's color looks like my blood. 
Violet: It reminds me of grapes
Blue: Color like the sky, and the sea.
Green: It looks like a combination of yellow and blue.