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Personally, I consider my mother as the person who is truly great with everything. She is the best mom ever, well, for me. Nobody can explain and nobody can ever replace the love she has bestow to me. I consider her as the person who's truly great for me because she's my everything and without her, I would be nothing. She's the reason why I'm here, currently typing and answering your question and I am so proud and fortunate because I met her. She is the person who's always willing to help and to comfort me whenever I'm blue and locked up in the midst of darkness. She's the person who always do sacrifices just for the sake of me and my family. She is a disposed person who's always ready to pacify a specific situation just for the sake of everyone's happiness. She is the type of person who's always inclined to conquer all the pain and all the bs once I deserve. She is like a tree, a stout and vigorous one, who always remain tough despite of the storms coming in her life and I can say that I am so so so lucky that I met her. My mom is the one who made me realize that no matter how big the problems and the obstacles I'm facing, 'giving up' ain't the right choice, rather, I just need to believe that everything's going to be alright in the end. I l o v e y o u m o t h e r

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