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Mathematics is the study of numbers, structure, space and change.
It is important because without math, our daily living will be incomplete, Have you ever wondered if there is no math? Without math, we cannot know the change (sukli) when you buy something. Without math, we cannot know how to measure our height. Without math, we cannot know what is the total price in buying products. In short, math is in our everyday life. 
Yes i can agree, but i have learned that everything and every object was made out of Science and it was also made before math came which is actually true but, every object that was made was with the combination of both Math and Science. Like, Engieering it was made with math and science. Even a Scientisr
a Scientist uses science to make experiments and math to know how much liquid or tool should be used
By the way, an engineer uses math to know its distance or meters for its size and height and also science to for the use of the oil and some liquids too
Math is in every subject, math is the language of Science. In history, dates and population will be math. In Technology, it will be the measurement of substances,