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Our purpose in living this world is to serve god by praying, do good things because all we have in this world is just temporary even our lives.
For me, I don't think I have any purpose at all. All I think is maybe God gave me life because he wanted me to see how wonderful being alive is. How things are balanced with happiness and sadness. God gave me life because he wanted me to see his creation. How humans face their obstacles standing strong. God gave me life to meet new people and be a part of their lives. To make me happy. And to make me feel their feelings and lend them a hand. And hey, I just discovered my purpose of living just now. It's to understand others and help them. Maybe that's why I have this affection to everyone. Thanks for letting me answer your question. Because it helped me to confront myself too. :D
haha... ^_^ tnx also ;) very nice answer po :D