AIDS lowers your immune system
Let us start from the building blocks of life, cells.
It was said that AIDS infect the cells of Immune System, it attacks and destroys T Helper Lymphocytes or T-cells. Everyday, your body produces millions of T-cells to fight against viruses and germs. 

Second, let's go to the tissues.
When affected, it was said that brain tissues are going to be thinner of 10 percent up to 15 percent. It can damage lymphoid tissue, Lymphoid tissues are in the Lymphatic system. It can cause nerological complications to tissues. It also affects muscle tissues.

Third, organs!
It can cause seizures in brains, inflammation of brain and spinal cord, kidney damage, gastrointestinal tract, congestive heart failure, tongue troubles, and lung problems.

We are close, organ systems.
It affects the immune system, as I said, it affects T cells, that fights against viruses and germs. It affects the muscular system, as I also said in the second paragraph, AIDS affects muscle tissues. Third is the lymphatic system, as I said, it affect Lymphoid tissues. It also affects the nervous system, meningitis and encephalitis are examples of nervous system complications that a person with AIDS can suffer. Fifth, is the digestive system in which gastrointestinal tract is affected, as I said in the third paragraph, in which diarrhea may occur. It also affects the respiratory system, the lungs are affected and attacked, Lymphoma, and pumonary hypertension is an example for this. 

Lastly, we have organism.
Organisms that has AIDS/HIV is a very unlucky person. It is because he/she may experience severe complications in every parts of his/her body. When the immune system is down, viruses and germs are going to enter the body easily because T-cells are down. Making the organism very weak. The worst case (saddest :( ) is the organism will die. 

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