How does the disease affect each of the following levels of organization?
like Organ Systems and Tissue.

Hello, are you referring to any disease or a particular disease? Do you want to say the effect on organ systems and tissues ONLY or all, including cells, organs, and organisms? Answer please so that I can answer your question properly.
yes. please. thanks


First, diseases affect cells by damaging, killing, or infecting cells.
Second, diseases affect tissues by making it sometimes thinner or weaker.
Third, diseases affect the organs by making it function improperly.
Fourth, diseases affect the organ systems by making it function improperly too, because organs in the particular system is affected, organ system will work improperly, as I said.
Fifth, organism with the disease will take complications, he/she may become weak, bedridden, or sick, the worst case is to die. :(

-- Take care of yourself, 1 affects many.

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can you give me an example of bird disease? thankyou
You can make another question for that, (post another so others can see too) then send me a link
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