For me, the answer for that is unknown. Aliens, although we cannot see them, it still possible that they exist but although we can see many proofs, like UFO sightings, alien pictures etc., it is still possible that those are "fake" or just an illusion or something like that.

But for me, just for me, aliens do not exist, and that is because I believe in God. God do not made Aliens right? Although we cannot see God, he guides, helps, and loves us. Although we cannot see Aliens, do aliens guides, helps, loves us? nor attacks us? No, right? Hahaha.

Alam ko nakakatawa, pero para sa akin, walang aliens. Ewan ko nalang sa NASA kung may alien sightings ba sila o kung anuman. 
depende, pwedng totoo pueding hindi, kase just imagine gagawa si lord ng maraming planeta na walang nakatira?
Maybe, if Lord did that more war may happen.
pero po ako parang mas matimbang na meron, Di naman siguro maninira ang mga aliens :3
Oh, I respect that answer. But there may be a "conflict" between humans and other creatures, maybe that's because we are different from them or we cannot communicate with them.
and also, in Bible although I always do not read the holy book, aliens were not created by God.

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For me. it's just a kathang-isip coz if there were such, they already invaded the earth. (just kiddin' xD) pero seryoso, for me they don't exist, because if meron, they could've been seen regularly.