Kung pwede lang po, ako ay mag sagot sa english, di ako masyado sanay sa tagalog salamat po kung pwede..

                  Well, mostly tissues are like the muscles. they are usually inside the muscles that helps you move your body to do locomotion. Cells are the ones we should be more thankful to. Its because they help fight the virus inside the system when you already have a symptom of flu and respiratory systems. But when the tissues and cells are commonly affected by the heart diseases. This usually weakens and affects your locomotion and doing your daily activities normally into arbnormally.The reason is that of when the tissues and cells are affected by the disease it weakens and paralyzes them which can make you move like legs that almost do not work anymore. Like almost you have a heart attack. but i just said almost, almost ok?

Hope this helps. ^_^ or sana ay makatulong