Para bang binibuild mo yung bagong ikaw. Example is masama ka noon so what do youexpect people around you would treat you? syempre diba my mga tao na pag masama ka mas masama pa sila sayo? But if you change yourself you are creating your new image to other which is better for you and me. Kasi you nag bago ka na mas naging reliable ka na, mabait ka na, you dont bully other people already. Kaya "creating a new, better you and me" Kasi before mo mabago yung mga taong nasa paligid mo you should change your attitude first :) Hope i help you :)
thank you.. it will help a lot... god bless
You create a bonding that will start the two of you as friends.Therefore,if you attempt those temptations your friends will be over.So if you create a new,better you and me.Make that thing worth and memorable.