Yes, I will surely accept it. 
Having a Photographic Memory or Eidetic Memory is a great advantage, in school, it is an advantage, because you easily recall visual information, like book pages, plate number, anything that is connected on sightings. It is also an easy way to study, I might just look on pages and memorize it perfectly. That was great! 

Photographic Memory is the ability to recall visual information, in just a short time. 
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bUt iT alSo have a baD eFFectS oN persOn havinG tHiS kinDS oF sitUation..tHey cannoT easiLy fOrget tHose tHinGs that aRe tHey wanTed to fOrget..rigHt ?
Really? But still, I want to accept it. GOD made it, and I believe and it is a blessing. Maybe there's a treatment for this?
theres nO treatmenT oN thIs kinD oF sitUatiOn...