Define or describe each question ___1.This is packed when measuring;It follows the shape of the cup when inverted. ___2.This is used to measure liquid ingredients. ___3.Use to level ingredients when measuring. ___4.This is to be removed brown sugar and to be rolled with rolling pin. ___5.What not to do in a cup full of flour to avoid excess measurement. ___6.This is how to fill the cup when measuring. ___7.This is not to be done with the cup when measuring liquid ingredients. , ___8.This is used to level dry ingredients in the absence of the spatula. ___9.It is the way of removing lumps in the baking powder or baking soda.

Can I ask what topic is this? Is it Bread Pastry Production?
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1) brown sugar
2) glass or liquid measuring cup
3) spatula
4) lumps
5) tap or shake
6) overflowing
7) lift the cup
8) straight edge or back edge of the knife
9) stirring
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Can I have one question?
This is the #10
Thos step is not necessary in sugar unless it is lumpy
The answer is sifting :)