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How can budgeting money be applied to one of the concepts of algebraic expressions?
Here are the choices of concepts:

-Algebraic Expressions: Constants,
Variables, Algebraic Expressions,
Polynomials, Operations on
Polynomials, and Special Products.

–Linear Equations and Inequalities in
One Variable: Equivalent Equations,
Solutions, Simple and Inequalities

If you can explain to me how budgeting money can be related to atleast ONE of these concepts, I'd be very thankful.



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I can think of using linear inequality in one variable in budgeting your allowance.

You can state the problem like this:

My parents gave me an allowance of 1,000 pesos for five school days.  I have spent the following (in pesos) in four days :
    Day 1:  150
    Day 2 :  175
    Day 3:    200
    Day 4:    120

How much is the maximum amount I could spend on the fifth day so that I'd still have savings of 100 pesos?

Present your equation as:
   Let x be the amount that could be spend on the fifth day

  150 + 175 + 200 + 120 + x ≤ 1,000 - 100
                                    645 + x ≤ 900
                                               x ≤ 900 - 645
                                               x ≤   255

The maximum I could spend on the fifth day is 255 pesos.