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English is hellacious in the beginning. If you're having a hard time in the English language -- especially the fact that we, Filipinos, aren't fond of English -- then that is just the start. Many Filipinos are having a hard time speaking English because it is something infrequent for us, I mean we're not used of it and we're more fluent of our own wika, Filipino. Dati, ako yung taong sobrang nahihirapan at nanonosebleed sa English, as in I don't understand a single thing 'bout that word and talagang sa report card ko, yun yung nanira ng grade ko but as months passed, nasanay ako. You know what, you just need to have courage, practice and patience. Just be patient and don't think na wala kang ikagagaling sa grammar and yeah kasi ganoon naman talaga yun eh, mahirap sa simula yet kailangan lang talaga nating magpursige and all.
     ⇒ Read English novels, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries or books.
            ·If you love reading stories, try reading the fiction books na match sa age mo just like me, I read teen-fiction novels katulad ng Harry Potter, Paper Towns, The Fault In Our Starts, The Selection and etc.
     ⇒ Try to avoid watching teleserye or yung mga telenobelang palabas sa TV.
            ·This is not necessary naman but nakakatulong rin yung hindi panonood ng TV kasi it's more of being a distraction so yeah.
     ⇒ Try to do the "Speak in English" thingo with your friends or with your family.
            ·Yung tipo na kapag isa sa inyo nag-Tagalog, manglilibre hahahaha.
      ⇒ You can buy English Comprehensive Books in National.
            ·One example of this is yung books ng MSA. I swear, malaking tulong rin yun.
     ⇒ Practice online.
            ·Maghanap ka ng website na all about reading comprehension and grammarization or gusto mo pati na rin mga app, laking tulong rin yan.


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Read some English articles and watch English movies.xD