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Divide (6a² +5ab - 6b²) by (3a-2b)

The answer is 2a + 3b , the expression that represents the cost of one unit of cellphone.

2a + 3b is also a factor of 6a² +5ab-6b², the other is 3a-2b

Using long algorithm method or synthetic division.

Because of the limitations in the symbols/equation that can be used here, I'll just re-write the given as a rational expression, which is another way to solve the problem especially if you knew how to factor polynomials.

6a² + 5ab - 6b²
   3a - 2b

=  (3a-2b) (2a + 3b)        Factor the numerator (also the dividend)
       3a - 2b

= 2a + 3b     

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