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Yeah everybody wants to be liked it's not just our natural feeling but we're being fear if someone reject or disliked us, many considered themselves as a failure, these are often for those who.did not know how to gain friends.. don't worry there are some advice in order to gain your popularity.... firat thing to do to win more friend is to have be an appreciative person, .. showing appreciation is a qualities that can develop your popularity .. a qualities so, that you can develop.your popularity and you can gain more friends .. obataining appreciation is one of human enthusiasms. It.makes me comfortable someone who appreciate you., you can express ypur appreciation by expressing it through words but sincerely or anything how you show it, ... the second one to davelop your popularity is . You can just smile always, a person who always smile for all is likely to receive all smile back, smiling is simple but effective weapon it can bring you the friends you want to win, ... the third one to win your popularity, and this also the moat important is to avoid argument . An argumentative people do not win many friends, although tjey are just suffering from damaged ego, yeah as I observed, the main reason is you can argue it's because you know that your stand is right, everyone of you stands that I'm right no one can lose. Arguing is a bad manner.. there are sime advice that gain many friends and win your popularity.. many attribute to be pursued in order to gain friends and win your popularity, I learned from my teacher that most important is to have an ego massage.. I.did know about this term but I surely understand this. Ego.massage is a quality that can make your popularity well-liked . This meant to be the unselfishness, emphaty and considerateness, it would be the requirement of a person of feeling importance. Then how?? It would be better if you understand what is self-concept.. .. it is an idea how do you understand yourself. Or how do you determine your apperance. Example "will I look cool" you can all perform is to request the other with your self - concept.. .consequently, it makes us win and influence that person. Our opponent is our inner tendency to uncounsciously say or do.things which feed our own ego, on the other hand, ego massage is the feeding of the self-esteem or ego.somebody else to make him feel.important, example: if somebody request "how do I.look" yeah inorder to.feed her ego.. just tell her "you're awesome" in that case, you feed herego, she.impress and realize that she is important. Axcording teacher, if you want to succeed make up.your mins to.give others people need as much concern as yours. The other is when you think that somebody who.make tactless comment must have meant to offend or destroy you, she/he may just be expressing a feeling. May be it just you in reverse.. yeah.. if you inderstood your own tendency to satisfy deep.desire to express, there's too is that tendency in others you should. Therefore, not feel.offended about their tactless remarks or behavior it is an ego massage though. This ego massage can help you to win your popularity and gain more friends. It then takes a lot of thought and a large heart to make it with people and qith success,, and that all for me.. anything , many uncountable rules in winning popularity .. anything that make the people feel.importance and better.............. :)
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Okay, so you want RULES and ADVICE so you can develop your POPULARITY and gather MORE FRIENDS. Okay, first, ask yourself, why do you need popularity? Do you really need it? As I know, you do not have to know what other people talks and thinks about you, the important thing is that you know what you think about yourself. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE POPULAR. Gather more friends, ever heard about the quotation: "Quality, Not Quantity", it means that you must pick your friends, not count them. Count Nouns are better than Mass Nouns! Quality is better than Quantity! But the thing here is that YOU WANT TO HAVE MANY QUALIFIED TRUSTWORTHY FRIENDS, IS TO BE YOURSELF. JUST THAT. BE YOURSELF, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE YOURSELF JUST TO HAVE FRIENDS. IF YOU ARE REALLY DESERVING, AND THEY ARE REALLY DESERVING TO HAVE A FRIEND LIKE YOU OR TO HAVE A FRIEND LIKE THEM, YOU WOULD NEVER EVER CHANGE YOURSELF JUST TO GAIN FRIENDS. :)