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1. May kakayahang magpalaki
Plants can grow, as animals and us do.
2. May kakayahang magparami
We and animals can reproduce, asexual or sexual like the plants also do.
3. Namamatay
Animals, Humans, and plants will die. (In time)
4. Nabubuhay (Organism o Living Things)
All of it were organisms
5. Nangangailangan ng tirahan. 
Plants needs soil, we need a house, and animals needs habitats.
6. Nangangailangan ng pagkain
Plants can make their own food, and they eat it, and we and the animals also need food in order to live.
7. Nangangailangan ng hangin
We release carbon dioxide together with the animals, plants release oxygen, and we intake the oxygen together with the animals and plants intake carbon dioxide in order to live.
8. Kailangan ng pagaalaga
9. Marami nito sa mundong ibabaw
10. Parepareho silang nakikipaginteract sa isa't isa.
Animals eat plants, we eat animals and plants, and plants make their own food. Kumbaga, lahat ito'y nasa food chain
Ang tao,hayop,at halaman ay nabubuhay