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1.  2ax + 8ay + 3bx + 12by
    2a (x + 4y) +3b (x + 4y)
    Final answer:  (2a +3b)  (x+4y)

2.  3ac-6ad-2bd+bc
     3a (c - 2d) + b(c-2d) 
     Final answer:  (3a + b) (c-2d)

2ax + 3bx + 8ay +12by
= (2ax + 3bx) + (8ay + 12by)
= x (2a + 3b) + y (8a + 12b)
You're wrong. Why did you stop there? Check this: With your answer you have to factor out 4 from (8a + 12b). It's factor is 4(2a + 3b). You have already factored out y, so multiply it by 4 which yields 4y. So the factor is x (2a+3b) + 4y(2a + 3b). Therefore, the final answer is (2a + 3b) (x+4y). Factoring by grouping is a skill. You choose which among the multinomial terms has to be grouped together :-)
** have to be grouped together :-)
For Co406t: By the way, I've answered this 3 weeks ago. You posted the same question two hours ago. The 2 answers are the same as mine. :-)