Can you correct my grammar
my name is joyce 11 years old my birthday is May 25 2004 my parents name is jerry and lyn and i have 2 brothers we love each other as a family and our bonding is every 1year because my dad is working at the saudi as a major accountant at the company af ayib and my mother is working as a bussinesswomen because of their work only my auncle is caring for us.



My name is Joyce. I am 11 years old and I was born on May 25 2004. My parents are Jerry and Lyn. I also have 2 brothers. We love each other in our family but our bonding is only once a year because my dad works as an accountant for the company Af Ayib, found in Saudi, and my mother is working as a businesswoman. Because of their work we live under our uncle's care.