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area =amount of surface contained in a figure expressed in square units 
composite figure= a figure that is made from two or more geometric figures
factor=an exact divisor number
genetics=the area biological study concerned with  heredity and with the variations between organisms that result from it
greatest common monomial fac
tor=the greatest factor contained in every term of an algebraic expression
heterozygou=refers to having ttwo different alleles for single trait
homozygous=refers to having identical allesles for a  single trait
scale drawing =a reduced or enlarged drawing whose shape is the same as the actual object that it represents
geometry=the branch of mathematics that deals with  the nature of space and the size ,shape,and opother propeties of figures as well as transformations 
volume=the measure of space occupied by a solid body 
pattern=constitutes a set of numbers ......
punnett square=a diagram that used to predict an outcome of a particular cross 
product=the answer of multiplication
polynomial = a finite sum of terms each of which is a real number or the product of a numerical factor
perimeter=the distance around polygon
perfect square trinomial=a result of squaring a binomial
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