To find the product or quotient of two integers, you just have to multiply/divide the number/s like whole numbers but remember this rule:

1. If they are both positive, or both negative, the answer is always POSITIVE.
2. If they are in the combination: Negative - Positive , Positive - Negative, the answer is always NEGATIVE.

So in finding the product of 26 and -4, we should multiply it like whole numbers.

26 x 4 = 104

Then, we must know if the two factors are like or unlike each other. The first factor, (multiplicand), which is 26 is positive, the second factor (multiplier), which is -3 is negative. The combination is Positive-Negative, so the answer will be negative.

Meaning that:

26 x -4 = -104

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24 x -4 = -104
Yes, because the signs are different (one is positive and one is negative)